Captain Bob Cottle

Bob Cottle

  • Episode aired in 1975. Bob Cottle was born in Brockton, Massachusetts on August 7, 1920.

  • Bob.

    I remember watching capt. Bob and drawing along with him, It was an inspiring show and I am fortunet to have a drawing of his sighed by him. I am posting it on this site so everybody can enjoy it.

  • Bob.

    This is the drawing signed by capt Bob I was speaking about in my previous msg.

  • Chet Macie

    is there any reason if channel 5 boston refuses to rebroadcast captain bobs shows why thewill not post them to public site like youtube so they might still be enjoyed?

    • docdocp

      I wrote to them a few years ago asking the same question. It has something to do with being able to license them and get paid, and I think Capt. bob’s family is involved. What a waste for the shows to be shelved like that. there’s an on-line petition that you can sign somewhere.

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