Boston 1965 – The Sheraton-Boston Opens

1965 – The Sheraton-Boston opens.

A Brief Company History

In 1933 Harvard classmates Ernest Henderson and Robert Moore purchased the Continental Hotel in Cambridge.  In 1937 they purchased a converted apartment building named the Stonehaven Hotel in Springfield, Massachusetts.  The brand got it’s name from their third purchase “The Sheraton” which had a lighted sign atop the building which read “Sheraton Hotel” and the sign proved to be too expensive to remove – Moore and Henderson decided to call all their hotels by that name.    In 1941 they purchased the world-renowned Copley Plaza Hotel and by 1945 their company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange.  In 1949 they expanded into Canada.  In 1955 they began building large highway hotels (100-300 rooms each) and later (1962) divided the franchise to promote them as “Sheraton Motor Inns.”  In 1956 Sheraton purchased the Eppley Hotel Company, which, to that point, was the largest privately held hotel company in the United States.  In 1959 they purchased 4 hotels in Hawaii – the first built outside mainland North America.  In 1961 they opened a hotel in Tel Aviv-Sheraton and, in 1963, the Maputo-Sheridan (just outside Caracas, Venezuela.)  In 1965 they opened The Sheraton-Boston – the 100th Sheraton property.  Today they have over 400 locations worldwide and are run by parent company, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide.


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