Cape Cod Canal Field Trip – Huntington School (Brockton) 4th Graders – Early 1970’s

footage courtesy Alice Harper


  • Paul Mazgelis

    J Harper, thanks so much for posting this. Stumbled upon it by accident. Couldn’t believe my eyes! I was the tall chubby kid with the light blue shirt getting off the bus. Strange feeling to watch those kids I knew. The year was 1970. Your mother was my favorite teacher ever.
    Thanks again.
    Paul Mazgelis

    • J Harper

      Thanks Paul! I’m so glad a student got to see this. Alice Harper was my grandmother – she was crazy about kids all her life. She was a pretty special lady. At barely 5 feet tall, she played Hockey at Stoughton High School and Basketball at Bridgewater State and years later, after her retirement, she walked 3 miles around Campello every day and swam a mile at the YMCA three days a week. She passed away in 2010 at the age of 92… Fortunately, I was able to record her several times in the last years of her life and some of her recordings will be going up on this site in the future… She talked about going to college at Bridgewater State during the Depression, her beginnings in teaching and what it was like moving into “The Bush” as a young family. Thanks again! Your note is a big deal to our family – that she is remembered as a teacher reminds us of her joy. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to write it!

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