Wareham & Onset – 1930’s Movie Theater Schedule Cards

Onset History Discussion | August 12, 2003 (Audio)

Onset History Discussion from August 12th, 2003 – from the Wareham Public Library Audio Archive

Onset Wigwam – Gerry Pearle – August 30, 1996 (Audio)

Gerry Pearle | History of the Onset Wigwam | Wareham Public Library Audio Archives

The On-I-Set Wigwam


CLICK HERE to go to the On-I-Set Wigwam Spiritualist Camp website

Wickets Island – Onset

Souvenir of Onset Bay

MASS PO Stamps (Collection 7)

DC Keyes Postcard Collection

MASS PO Stamps (Collection 6)

Then & Now: ONSET

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