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Hoosac Tunnel – Florida & North Adams – Mohawk Trail

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Plymouth – Town Square & Burial Hill Tour

The Pilgrims held Christian services onboard the Mayflower and then at a fort atop Burial Hill from 1621-1648. The fort served as a meeting house as well as the Plymouth General Court. In 1648 the first of five church buildings (built in 1684, 1744, and 1831) on the town square was constructed. In 1899 the current granite Romanesque building was constructed to replace the 1831 wooden Gothic structure. The church is currently an active Unitarian congregation.

Burial Hill is the final resting place of several Pilgrims. It is located off Leyden Street, the first street in Plymouth.

READ: Epitaphs from Burial Hill, Plymouth, Massachusetts, from 1657 to 1892 (1892) (illustrations) by Bradford Kingman (1831-1903)

MASS PO Stamps (Collection 2)

Collection 2

1905-1907 – Knabenshue’s Airship at the Brockton Fair

Augustus Roy Knabenshue (July 15, 1875 – March 6, 1960) American aeronautical engineer and aviator and on October 24, 1904, in St. Louis, became the first to make a dirigible flight.  He is considered one of the fathers of aerial transportation and also worked with the Wright Brothers during his career.  He brought his airship to the Brockton Fair each year from 1905 to 1907.     

Read the article Sky Pilot by Mary Gorman about A. Roy Knabenshue’s fights at Brockton.

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